just a little something for quilt market

IMG_7209I may have mentioned that my friend Minki and I are writing a book. Correction–wrote a book. That deadline has come and gone and we miraculously got the whole thing turned in before the deadline. Whew! What an intense rollercoaster ride that was! It’s not over yet, but it’s in the hands of the publisher now–I am anxious to see how the process goes during the next year. It’s due out in fall of 2016.

Meanwhile, Minki’s work has attracted quite a lot of attention on Instagram, and has even caught the eye of Lecien, a manufacturer of gorgeous fabrics. They asked Minki to whip up some of her creations for the booth at Fall Quilt Market. Quilt Market–where our book will debut next year! So exciting.IMG_7194

I was happy to root for her and be excited for her, and then she handed me one of her illustrations and asked me to turn it into a mini quilt for the Lecien booth. What?! All it needed was borders, quilting, and binding. And all of a sudden I felt like a total novice. I am so unqualified to sew for Quilt Market! I tried my best to deflect this responsibility, promising to find someone more qualified to do the sewing. But she would have none of it. So, after a ridiculous number of hours trying to figure out how to get the borders on the quilt with no break in the pattern, I drank a glass of wine, and with heart pounding, quilted this tiny quilt. Truth be told, the quilting only took about ten minutes, but I practiced for hours beforehand. It wasn’t perfect–it never is, but it is done and shipped. And I am glad that I did it–it pushed me out of my comfort zone a little bit. I probably need a little more of that in my life.

landmark year

IMG_7172This is kind of a landmark year for us. The Girl is a senior. Yep. How did this happen so fast? I know it’s such a cliche, but seriously, I cannot deal with how quickly this has all gone. But instead of lamenting and denying the fact (I’ve tried both to no avail), I’m just trying to soak it all in. This whole year. And I think she is too.

We have developed a new routine on Mondays and Wednesdays–I load up the computer and some books, drop the youngest off at soccer practice and head to a coffee house. She as been coming with me and we share a table, laptops back-to-back, and we Get Stuff Done. She was amazed the first time she came with me at how productive this atmosphere is. She is cranking out her college application essays (sigh), some creative writing, and now, homework. We don’t even have to say much, just hanging out together is enough. In addition to a extremely heavy academic load, she is loving being a part of not just one, but two musical theater classes. I am absolutely looking forward to watching those productions this year.


Boy #1 is in tenth grade, knee-deep in the music program at school: jazz band, orchestra, and marching band. It’s absolutely awesome to watch him dig into music like this. He’s got quite an academic load too, so this transition from summer to school has been especially cruel.



Boy #2 is still digging club soccer in addition to Jazz band and seventh grade. He has an awesome group of friends that we carpool with and I had the honor of driving them the first day of school and forcing them to pose for pictures. Actually, they had to do it twice because the I took the entire first round of First Day of School pictures with no memory card in the camera. So we had a bit of a massive redo.

I am nothing if not a creature of routine, so though the schedule is a bit intense, I thrive it in. Everyone is still finding their feet with this new school year, but I suspect it is going to be a memorable one.

end of summer blues

Summer is barreling to a close and I’m desperately trying to hang on to all the moments. All the big ones and small ones alike. From leisurely mornings, to afternoon outings, to our ten days in Washington. We even snuck in a deep cleaning of the kid’s bedrooms in there—which always feels good.

Every other year we met up with two of my brothers and their families, and my dad and spend a week at a gorgeous lake house in northern Washington. This year we added on a couple of days at the beginning of the trip to play tourist in Seattle. We spent one morning touring the University of Washington, because amazingly, the Girl will be headed to college next fall (gasp). It’s an amazing campus and my little city-girl-at-heart fell in love with both the school and Seattle in general.


That afternoon we spent a wonderful afternoon at the EMP museum. It was crazy fun. Conveniently, the Space Needle is right next store, so we checked that one off as well.



The next day we took off for the lake. Let me tell you, this is my happy place. The location is stunning, and mix that in with a whole lot of extended family that we don’t see enough, and lots of cousin love—well, you get the point.



IMG_6922  IMG_6981  IMG_6815


School started last week and at least I can rest in the fact that we squeezed out every last drop of summer that we could.

yarn along

IMG_7180I’ve been reading Simply Tuesday by Emily P. Freeman this summer. I was lucky enough to get an Advance Reader Copy and this book has been such a blessing to me. It’s all about slowing down and appreciating the Tuesdays in you life–meaning the everyday, nothing special moments. Which are, in fact, special. It was finally released this week, so I encourage you to pop on over to check it out.

Summer knitting means dishcloths for me, and this one has been a fun one to knit, I just need to finish up that last petal! Sadly, I think I made a mistake and need to rip it back and figure out where I am. Oh well, it just means more knitting. Not such a bad thing.

Linking up with Ginny for Yarn Along today.

a whole food kickstart

Whole Food Kitchen


I am enjoying Heather’s Whole Food Kitchen again this year. I’ve participated in many of her workshops over the years, and many of her recipes have been added to my personal repertoire. Almond milk, granola, wheatberry salad, and chai lattes, just to name a few.

I cook everyday, but it is so easy to fall into a rut with our meals, especially in this busy season with two teenagers and a preteen. So, I find that doing these self-paced workshops get the inspiration flowing again. I whipped up a batch of almond milk yesterday, and definitely been putting together some more plant-based meals for the family.

Now, to clean up my recipes (again) to make some room for the new ones coming my way in the next couple of weeks.

chai lattes in the morning


I have been absolutely addicted to Heather’s chai lattes lately. I’ve been simmering up a batch of concentrate at the beginning of the week and enjoying them almost every day, as a midmorning break. I love to make it with black tea, but the wonderful thing is that you can use herbal tea too. I think I might try that this week.

Some of those spices, especially cardamom, can be pretty pricey at the supermarket. I just placed an order at Mountain Rose Herbs, where the prices are much more reasonable. I added some Jasmine Green Tea to the order too.

It doesn’t take long to whip up a batch of the chai concentrate, give it a try!