this week in my kitchen

A busy week for us, winding up the school year. But there is always something happening in the kitchen.

Once a week, the kids have to cook dinner, we call it Kids Cook Night. The Girl is perfecting her Pasta with Red Sauce technique, and is quite good! Here’s what she looks like while she tends the pot.


Baked Chicken Parmesan from Skinnytaste is another people-pleaser in our house. Everyone else had pasta as a side dish, but I skipped it this time.IMG_1976-001

My favorite way to eat the rainbow, chicken stirfry.

IMG_2097IMG_2101And tea, there is always tea.

IMG_1800And caramel brownies to celebrate 8th grade promotion (which is what the call graduation now, apparently).IMG_2085

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this week in my kitchen

Linking up with Beauty That Moves. Just a peek at what was happening in my kitchen this week.

Breakfast on the patio.

28 breakfast

Chocolate Chip cookies.

26 cookies 126 cookies 2

Not a pretty shot of this Beef Chili. But it was tasty.

28 chili

And the first Strawberry Jam of the season. I had forgotten how good homemade jam is.

28 jam28 jam 2

And Kids Cook Night. Grilled chicken sandwiches with corn on the cob. I love seeing my kids in the kitchen.

28 kids cook

hey there

Hello again. I thought I’d dust off the old blog and try to start posting a bit more often ūüôā I often reflect on the title of this blog, yet I am constantly stunned at how fast these kids of mine are growing up. We are in the thick of raising them right now. Three kids busy with plays, sports, scouts, music, church, and (gulp) thinking about college. I¬†love it.

Here is a bit of what we’ve been into lately.

We all got in the kitchen one Sunday and made a traditional Korean dish called Bibimbap.


It took forever, was a ton of fun, and was absolutely delicious. Korean food seems to be all about having a lot of little, tasty side dishes. That is the part that takes forever, but I sort of loved the idea of giving each ingredient a little individual love.




You can’t make Bibimbap with out a special ingredient for the sauce called gochujang. When I asked my dear Korean friend where to get it, not only did she send me homemade gochujang, but this is how she packaged it. She does everything with superb attention to detail. More about her and her incredible talent in another post.


I’ve also been knitting, sewing, and quilting a bit. I’ve got a scrap quilt going right now. It’s nice to have a mindless quilting project. I can just sit down and sew without any planning.



It’s sort of the same thing as a garter stitch scarf in knitting. Just process, not too much thinking. I’ve got a couple other quilting projects in the works, but I’ll save those for another post.

Yesterday we spent a fun day as a family running some errands and we stopped by Rocket Fizz for a bit of a treat for the kids.



Before I knew it we had hatched a plan to do a rootbeer taste test at home. One of the boys found an actual rootbeer tasting form on the internet and we lined them up.


The Husband labeled each bottle and glass and then mixed them up for a blind tasting. It was so much fun! Everyone had a different favorite (which was often someone else’s least favortie). We now have plans to do taste tests for all kinds of things. It was a great¬†way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

kids who cook

Boy 1, the Boy Who Loves to Cook, was up for Kids Cook Night this week. He picked Spicy Manhattan Clam Chowder, since he is also the Boy Who Loves Soup. The Husband walked them all through the recipe and it was a huge success. Delicious, and if you leave off the bacon, quite healthy too. Accompanied by some tasty grilled cheese sandwiches, it was a wonderful Sunday dinner.

As a matter of fact, so good that we are having it again tonight with loaded baked potatoes.

Have a wonderful week!

thinking about the weekend

I know it’s Wednesday, but my mind is still back at the weekend. It was lovely and fairly slow-paced and has me looking forward to this coming weekend as well.

We did a little Halloween decorating- always fun when you have helpers.

Boy 2 spend a good part of the day Sunday working on this:

Then spent the rest of the afternoon with Boy 1 making music together. They sound amazingly good together.

After a wonderfully successful Kids Cook Night, it was on to the dishes with “many hands make light work”.

And what better way to end a weekend than with a it’s-bedtime-I-told-you-we-weren’t-going-to-finish game of Monopoly. Has anyone ever finished a game of Monopoly? I know I haven’t.

Here’s one tough neighborhood. Stopping here will cost you about $1000. It was¬†the end of me.

Hope your weekend was delightful as well.

kids cook night

Kids Cook Night. ¬†Why did I not think of this before? ¬†As a mom that gets dinner on the table night after night- sometimes I need a break. Many years ago I asked for a Husband Cook Night. He’s a great cook and readily agreed. He usually cooks Saturday night and it very often involves the¬†barbecue. The Husband tends to make the types of dinners that I rarely do: meat, potato, vegetable. We call them triangle dinners (because, you know, they form a triangle on your plate). A day off of cooking on the weekend for me, awesome.

Ever since Boy 1 started Boy Scouts and has to completely cook for himself on campouts, he has aspired to cook things more complicated than, say, ramen.  This has led to the hit of the summer (at least for me): Kids Cook Night.

Every Sunday (see how I did that- a whole weekend off of cooking!) one kid is the head chef, setting the menu and generally bossing the other two around. ¬†This changes every week, so they better not be too bossy. ¬†They kids are learning great cooking skills, cooperation, and how hard it is to make something that everyone likes. They started with some old favorites, pasta with red sauce, hamburgers, mac and cheese. I am hoping to move them toward finding new recipes soon. And in response to the dreaded question, “Is there any dessert tonight?” I can answer, “I don’t know, did you make one?”. The answer, of course, is almost always, “Yes!”

Though it makes me sad to think about it, I’m training them to leave home some day. With the Girl in 8th grade this year, the reality of this is starting to hit home. All the kids have chores, rotating every once in a while, so that they are all trained on setting tables, drying dishes, scrubbing toilets and showers, etc. Cooking their own dinners from beginning to end seems like the obvious next step.

Next up: laundry. I am slowly and steadily working myself out of a job. Not sure how I feel about that.