pretty playtime quilts :: bow block

Blog-HeaderIMG_8552 (1024x681)Isn’t this a sweet block? This one came together quite a bit quicker than the Dragonfly block–simply because there were so many fewer pieces.

There was an interesting trimming technique to make the ties, and I confess that my points did not come out perfect. I even remade one of them to improve it, and it came out the same way. 😦 It must be operator error, because I’ve seen others that came out perfect. Oh well, I’m okay with slightly imperfect, so it stays.

IMG_8554 (1024x683) (965x637)

But in the spirit of the constant quest to improve; I purchased a Clearly Perfect Angles sewing machine cling to continue to perfect my 1/4″ seam and make half square triangles a bit easier. I just installed it today (which was super quick and easy). So far so good, but I will report back after I’ve used it some more.

Are you sewing along? How did your Bow block come out?

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