teapot mini

A few fun little finishes this week. Ever since Erin’s book Sweet Tweets came out a month or so ago, I’ve been itching to dig into these adorable projects. I’m a sucker for patchwork + linen, so there are so many adorable choices. I landed on the patchwork tablerunner (though I’ll use it as a mini quilt). I pieced the patchwork border with a mini charm pack of Hello Darling from Bonnie and Camille. I need more of this line, I adore it.


Creating the little birds had me a little nervous, since Erin’s technique is to use a darning foot and free-motion the outlines. This is a technique that is very similar to my good friend Minki, only she uses an applique foot for more control. I tried it both ways on some practice pieces (both turned into coasters) and personally found I like the applique foot method best, though I had a lot of fun creating that tree!

Ultimately, Minki drew some teapots for me for the center of the mini, and I can never resist a teapot. I’m thrilled with how it turned out, though I admit to debating whether or not to quilt the linen around the teapots. I decided not to, but I’m still not sure. I can always go back and add it in later, but I’m always afraid I won’t like my quilting in such a visible area (read: chicken).


Check out both Minki’s and Erin’s websites if you haven’t already–they are full of gorgeous projects!

4 thoughts on “teapot mini

  1. controversialcook says:

    Really charming. Although I can master many visual arts and even teach them I really love patchwork. It must be very soothing to do it and is very creative. Unfortunately I’m totally useless at sewing 😦

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