just a little something for quilt market

IMG_7209I may have mentioned that my friend Minki and I are writing a book. Correction–wrote a book. That deadline has come and gone and we miraculously got the whole thing turned in before the deadline. Whew! What an intense rollercoaster ride that was! It’s not over yet, but it’s in the hands of the publisher now–I am anxious to see how the process goes during the next year. It’s due out in fall of 2016.

Meanwhile, Minki’s work has attracted quite a lot of attention on Instagram, and has even caught the eye of Lecien, a manufacturer of gorgeous fabrics. They asked Minki to whip up some of her creations for the booth at Fall Quilt Market. Quilt Market–where our book will debut next year! So exciting.IMG_7194

I was happy to root for her and be excited for her, and then she handed me one of her illustrations and asked me to turn it into a mini quilt for the Lecien booth. What?! All it needed was borders, quilting, and binding. And all of a sudden I felt like a total novice. I am so unqualified to sew for Quilt Market! I tried my best to deflect this responsibility, promising to find someone more qualified to do the sewing. But she would have none of it. So, after a ridiculous number of hours trying to figure out how to get the borders on the quilt with no break in the pattern, I drank a glass of wine, and with heart pounding, quilted this tiny quilt. Truth be told, the quilting only took about ten minutes, but I practiced for hours beforehand. It wasn’t perfect–it never is, but it is done and shipped. And I am glad that I did it–it pushed me out of my comfort zone a little bit. I probably need a little more of that in my life.

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