downton abbey tea cozy

I am a huge fan of Downton Abbey. When I was at my local quilt shop a few weeks ago, this fabric caught my eye. I also found the book at the library. A very fun read.15 downtonWhat to do with Downton Abbey Fabric? Well, a tea cozy of course! I used this tutorial again. Only I actually followed the instructions this time.17 tea cozy 117 tea cozy 217 tea cozy 417 tea cozy 517 tea cozy 617 tea cozy 7

A little Downton geeky, for sure, but I love it! My local quilt shop was out of the other fabrics in the Downton Abbey Collection, but I am excited about exploring that line. I think I like the Sybil collection the best.

And lastly, isn’t this little teapot scissor charm the sweetest?17 tea cozy 3


Are you a Downton Abbey fan?


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