coffee and friends

I am lucky enough to have a lovely, creative neighbor right down the street from me who makes the loveliest art. Here is a tiny example of a card she made me, inviting me over for coffee this morning.


A latte, and a homemade apple cherry scone were waiting form me when I arrived. All on this adorable handmade tea mat. It was a lovely visit, full of ideas for her sweet little girl’s birthday party tomorrow. I have never had the privilege of having a friend that is also a neighbor. She is also my first in real-life friend who likes to sew and craft, so that is an endless topic of conversation.

7 coffee

The garden is sadly neglected, but if you look hard enough (and crop closely), there are little pockets of beauty and evidence of spring everywhere.
7 birdbath

7 flowers

We need to get out and plant the vegetable garden, but it is not going to happen this weekend. I hope you are stopping to find beauty wherever you are.


2 thoughts on “coffee and friends

  1. mkhandmade says:

    Everything tastes better if it looks pretty. I love that mat, very creative. Also, what are your flowers? They are gorgeous. It looks like a wildflower meadow has sprouted up around your bird bath! What are the pink ones? I thought at first glance they were freesias or azaleas, but the foliage is wrong. They are very beautiful in any case.

  2. Kristin says:

    The yellow flowers are yarrow and the pink ones are alstroemeria. Both are taking over! I actually love a kind of overcrowed garden, so it’s OK with me.


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