whole foods kitchen love

I’ve been having a blast in the kitchen with the Whole Foods Kitchen workshop. Here are some highlights:

almond milk

stirfry with greens

raspberry oat bars

savory wheatberry salad

apple oat cake

I love making the almond milk (so easy) to go with the homemade granola that had come to be a staple in our pantry. If only I could remember to get the almonds soaking the night before! I am really trying to up my intake of vegetables- green smoothies, salads as whole meals and I even dragged out the juicer again. When I realize that I might not make it through all the veggies in the CSA box, I start juicing. Plus I like that there is less sugar than when I make a green smoothie. Both are good, it just depends on the day.

My frustration is the reluctance of my kids to eat some of the recipes. I want to cut down on meat, but beans are a hard-sell around here in the under 14 set. I keep sneaking them into things like pasta dishes and soups, but the kids  just move them around the plate and  avoid them. It’s better than refusing to eat the dish, I realize, but disappointing, nonetheless. That said, they are definitely more open to “mom’s wacky whole food meals” than most kids their age. It’s all progress.

Whether or not the kids will eat them, I am cooking and freezing a lot of beans these days. I love having them ready to go in the freezer, reducing my dependence on canned beans and their BPA problems. I have to admit that I get a kick out of having all my bowls of soaking beans, grains, and almonds set out at night, ready for cooking the next day. It makes me feel so organized and homemakerly. 🙂

The workshop is already about half over, and I’ve really enjoyed it so far. It’s fun to have a whole new nutrition topic to dig into each week, and I love having a bunch of new recipes to try every Monday.

The only downside is that all this cooking leaves the kitchen looking like this. A lot.

6 thoughts on “whole foods kitchen love

  1. maria says:

    It is hard to introduce new foods to a somewhat steady routine. It disrupts everyone’s thinking :=)

    The apple oat cake looks ideal – yum!


  2. Pam says:

    oooh yum, we get apples in this weeks box so I must try that apple oat cake. I might have to take some photos of my dinners – I never have before.

    Which stir fry is that?

    ps. I thought of you last night when I needed 1/4 cup lemon juice and I had no lemons!

    • Kristin says:

      Two things I’ll do different on the apple oat cake is 1) peel the apples 2)chope them finer.

      I think the stirfry is the chicken and spinach stirfry.

      We still have plenty of lemons (I think we will make lemonade this weekend) and our lime tree is in production now- so stop by if you need some!

  3. Christine Westermark says:

    Wow, you have been busy! No wonder your kitchen looks like that.

    My kids and my husband are waiting for this workshop to be done. To make matters worse for them, I am listening to Animal, Vegetable, Miracle every day to and from work. They can’t wait until I am gone next week for 5 days of Daddy cooking bliss!

    My husband and daughter bristle at new things, no matter if hey like them. My son raves at great new flavors. It is like cooking in a funhouse with mirrors that distort everything.

    I wish that I worked from home. Dinner would come together so much easier if there were a few things done at lunch time.


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