This post is way overdue, but I could not forget the birthday post of Boy 1. The cake was duly recorded, but not the actual birthday. What can I say, it was one of those birthday celebrations that stretched over an entire weekend. Two birthday dinners, a birthday breakfast, a birthday lunch, a sleepover and go-cart racing. It was a weekend enjoyed by all.

To my boy: I cannot believe that you are 12- I remember the day you were born like it was yesterday. I predicted then that you would be a musician (beautiful long fingers). I was right- you are a wonderful musician, so talented and passionate about music. I am proud to call you my son, you make me happy everyday and I am excited about the young man you are growing up to be.

3 thoughts on “twelve

  1. Christine Westermark says:

    It is amazing how close some of these major events of our lives are! My wedding anniversary is #17 coming up in June and my son will be 11 in August.
    I just read this post about your son’s birthday and while they are different boys, I feel the same way about my son. I often look at him and think how much I like him now and get a flash of the young man he will become. And I too remember the day he was born vividly.
    Do you have a daughter only 18 months younger than your son? Probably not. That adventure is not undertaken by too many people these days.

    • Kristin says:

      I guess we are at the same stage in our life! No, I don’t have a girl 18 months younger, but I do have one 22 months older!

      I have 2 brothers 17 months apart- so I feel pain! (or at least my mom did!)


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