the happiness project :: 1

I’ve enjoyed diving into Gretchen Rubin’s book The Happiness Project. It appeals to my need of self-reflection and list making.  Gretchen admits that everyone’s Happiness Project will look a little different, but I am using her’s as a guide. So, January’s resolution is to Boost Energy. To help accomplish this, she lists several mini-resolutions. My take on these mini- resolutions are:

~ Eat right

For me this means eating a mostly plant-based diet with the intention of losing weight, drinking enough water, and taking my vitamins everyday. Sounds easy enough, but I admit that I don’t do all of those things now.

~ Exercise

For me this is just walking most days, with the goal of adding in pilates and yoga, and eventually adding in weights for strength training. But for now, just walking 5 days a week.

~ Declutter 15 minutes a day

This is a challenge to my all-or-nothing personality. It is more in my nature to tear apart the kitchen and clean it top to bottom all in one exhausting day. But then I am burned out and don’t want to do anything for the rest of the month. I started doing this 15 minute a day thing last week, and I am seeing results. I cleaned out my baking cabinet, one shelf a day, and then started in on the pantry, one shelf a day. The pantry is not done yet, but the two clean shelves make me happy everytime I open the pantry. This is something I can do when the kids are doing homework, and it’s only 15 minutes! The hardest part for me is not starting in on another shelf.

~ Tackle nagging tasks

This one is a huge energy booster, I have found. I derive a ridiculous amount of satisfaction by crossing things off of lists. Especially things that have been languishing there for a long time. My list of nagging tasks that I hope to get crossed off include (but are not limited to):

♦ getting the oven fixed
♦ fix the towel hooks in the kid's bathroom
♦ replant the pots on the porch
♦ clean the light fixture in the entry
♦ change banks

I will give you a progress report in a few weeks to let you know how I’m doing on this month’s resolutions. Anyone else interested in sharing their Happiness Project?

4 thoughts on “the happiness project :: 1

  1. maria says:

    I truly like what you have written here my friend! It is amazing to me when we are truly honest with ourselves and what we can accomplish…how we can see who we truly are.

    In your case, just admitting what you are yet to try but instead focusing on the positive, is truly such an encouragement to me….I have been debating writing down goals again. I don’t want to become overwhelmed, so I am still pondering it and praying to see if I should do it or not.

    Another great book to read my friend…thank you! 🙂


  2. michelle says:

    I’ve got this book on order from the library. I can’t wait to get it. I like the idea of tackling nagging tasks. Good luck with it all. The new blog look is great.

  3. Catia says:

    Lovely post! Reminded me why I’ve been feeling sluggish all day–I have nagging tasks I haven’t accomplished! Peace and Grace…going to attack of tasks 🙂

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