tea cozy

Not a lot of sewing is happening here. Still trying to get into the swing of the new year. Back in November I started working part-time, from home. It’s not a lot of hours, just 10-15 per week, but just enough for me to feel the squeeze. I’m having fun with it and I like that having fewer hours to get things done around the house forces me to be more efficient. I need to be up, exercised, dressed, have the house tidied and the kids off to school all by 9 am. Then I have a few hours dedicated to work, a little time to keep up on running the household, and by 2 o’clock I’m picking up the youngest one and back to full-time mothering for the rest of the day. I’d like to get to the point where I can load the working hours onto three days a week so that I have two full days to devote to domestic pursuits. I am missing my mornings in the kitchen, loading us up with good things to eat in the fridge. I’m sure I will get the routine worked out soon.

I did devote one evening to sewing up a tea cozy for my new teapot that I got for Christmas. I used this tutorial, but I modified it slightly and wish I hadn’t. When you measure over the top of the teapot, she has you divide that number in half and add 3 inches, when you make your pattern. Well, that just looked gigantic to me and I cut an inch off the bottom of the pattern. Well, guess what, the whole thing is just a little bit too short- I should have left it alone. It is a quick and easy pattern and it came out cute. I used Insul-Brite for the insulation and it works pretty well.

The kids treated me to some wonderful green tea for Christmas from Tevana. It is called Jasmine Dragon Pearls and is so delicious. I love drinking tea (especially green tea) and am making the transition away from tea bags to loose leaf tea. It fit my definition of a perfect gift, since I love and wanted it, but would not have bought it for myself.

Now I drink pots of it while working away the morning hours. Thanks to my kids who know me so well.

4 thoughts on “tea cozy

  1. maria says:

    You did a wonderful job Kristin! It looks so nice…and the blue is quite striking!

    I know all about missing your home and your routine. It took a great deal of prayer for me to come to terms with this. I miss it sometimes, now that I am home, but I don’t think I’ll be back to the way it was.

    I am glad that you still are able to carve out moments of calmness in your day.

    Be blessed!


  2. Denise says:

    yes, i am super impressed! I can totally relate to what you wrote about being forced to be more efficient. funny how that works. how nice that you can work from home.

  3. michelle says:

    It’s great that you can work from home, and that it fits in with your children. It must make you very busy! I can really relate to you about the tea cosy, it’s so annoying when things like that happen. If only we could press rewind.

    My niece was over yesterday morning and we were having a chat about tea and she was raving about Tevana. She loves their white teas. Your china is lovely.


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