finding a little peace each day

A kind of crazy week around here, running kids around to their various activities. But I try to take time for my own peaceful moments when I can.

A few minutes this morning to renew my commitment to eating a healthy, plant-based diet. This is my favorite breakfast: whole wheat toast with smashed up avocado and a little salt and pepper. Yummy and so filling.

I’m trying to make sure that I make a little time each day for a little stitching. I took a class last week that taught me how to make the back of my embroidery look (almost) as good as the front. How to not knot the knot, I believe it was called. Since I love to embroider tea towels, it was just what I needed.

Maria, over at Homemade Living, has me rethinking my cleaning routines. I tend to pile all my chores up at the beginning of the week, often leaving me feeling a little overwhelmed. I might try her suggestion and parcel them out over the week, leaving a little more time each day for puttering in the kitchen and garden, or maybe even a little more stitching. A little time for a few peaceful moments.

It’s a challenge for me not to rush through everything. When we homeschooled there was so little time to clean the house I got in the habit of doing everything as fast as I could. I love the Amish philosophy of not really distinguishing between work and leisure, it’s all done for God’s glory. So I am challenging myself to really be present whether I’m cleaning the bathroom, making pumpkin bread, or sitting at the sewing machine. It’s all good.

2 thoughts on “finding a little peace each day

  1. Maria says:

    Dear Kristin, taking the time to remind ourselves of our commitments to ourselves, is so good for us individually!

    I have to do this with Yoga every morning. I wake up with a great deal of pain due to my arthritis and my diabetes, but I make myself get dressed in my yoga gear and roll out my mat and begin…by the time it is over, I am refreshed and glad that I took that special time for me.

    Thank you so much for mentioning my humble space here 🙂 I must continue to share with you that re-evaluating your chore lists is really so good for you. Today was a perfect example of not stressing…

    Blessings to you today,


  2. Denise says:

    i too am re-commiting to a mostly plant based diet. since the 30 days has ended I have been waffling – today feels right to get back to it. although, i didn’t care for the avocado pudding 🙂

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